This April Jesper Krogh Sørensen participated at a demonstration in Viborg organised by Danmarks Nationale Front, protesting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Foto. Redox.

He is convicted of violence and praises terrorist organisation – Danish Nazi now wears Ukrainian uniform

The Danish Nazi Jesper Krogh Sørensen has travelled to Ukraine and is now taking part in the war against Russia.

Publiceret den 15. juli 2022

Tuesday evening Danmarks Nationale Front [Denmark’s National Front, ed.] published a Facebook post consisting of a string of pictures showing known Nazi, Jesper Krogh Sørensen, armed and in military uniform. He is with a number of other soldiers. The accompanying text reads:

“DNF’s man in Ukraine, Jesper ‘Kalle’ Krogh, writes from the front: “I was in the legion for the first weeks, where we attacked vehicles. Five days out, two days at home. I and four other right-nationalists from USA, Canada and Poland among others are practising self-defense and urban warfare. Now I have returned to Ukraine, after a short leave in Denmark, and am preparing for a large offensive in the south” DNF wishes good luck in the fight against Putin’s invading army.”

Jesper ‘Kalle’ Krogh Sørensen is a veteran of the Danish Nazi movement. Since the 90’s he has been part of the violent community of Nazi skinheads in Copenhagen, with some longer breaks in activity.

Iført blå bomberjakke ses Jesper Krogh Sørensen her bag ved nazilederen Jonni Hansen, bærende på en hagekorsfane, ved DNSB's Rudolf Hess-march i Kolding i 2007. Foto: Redox.
Clad in a blue bomber jacket and carrying a swastika flag, Jesper Krogh Sørensen is here seen standing behind the Nazi leader Jonni Hansen at the Rudolf Hess-march in Kolding 2007 organised by DNSB [Danish National Socialist Movement, ed.]. Foto: Redox

Through his private accounts on Facebook and Instagram, Jesper Krogh Sørensen has shared pictures and videos of himself several times in the last few months wearing military uniform and wielding firearms.

In early June he wrote on Facebook: “I am here as a volunteer, training Ukrainian soldiers.” In videos on the same platform he is seen participating in exercises with about thirty other uniformed men, all armed with automatic firearms. In a video on Instagram dated 7th of June it appears that the group is in or around Lviv, western Ukraine.

In an Instagram-post from Monday this week he writes: “On the way to meet up with my brothers. Ukraine is preparing an offensive. So first we hammer the animals with a lot of bombs and rockets. Then we move in and clean the cities. House to house. Street to street. No prisoners.” [For the sake of readability, the editor has corrected a number of spelling errors in the original post.]

It has not yet been possible to verify the group’s whereabouts with an independent third party.

Veteran of the Nazi movement

Jesper Krogh Sørensen has been active in the Danish Nazi movement since the 90’s. He was part of a group of skinhead Nazis in Københavns Sydvestkvarter [south-western district of Copenhagen, ed.] and is known in his community as ‘Kalle’.

Throughout the 2000’s, he was a familiar face at Nazi gatherings in Scandinavia. He took part in the DNSB-organised memorial march for the top member of the Nazi Party, Rudolf Hess, in the town of Kolding in 2007; and the year after in Lund, Sweden, for the traditional Nazi march in memory of King Karl XII of Sweden. For the latter, he was a part of Danmarks Nationale Front’s formal delegation, which he has been a part of since then. The organisation has had periods of inactivity, but when they started becoming active again in 2013-2014 Jesper Krogh Sørensen was a driving force.

In that period, he and other old Nazi skinheads were involved in several attacks on anti-racists around the public space Mozarts Plads in the Sydhavn district of Copenhagen.

At the same time the Nazi organisation Blood & Honour was re-established in Denmark, which Jesper Krogh Sørensen also took part in. On social media, he has repeatedly praised the armed wing of Blood & Honour, the terrorist organisation Combat 18, which was responsible for a number of letter bombs in northern Europe in the 90’s, including in Denmark.

Jesper Krogh Sørensen has been convicted multiple times of violence and possession of weapons. In 2017, he was convicted of taking part in an incident where he and another Nazi were part of a fight with others who were present at Mozarts Plads. In that incident the victim was stabbed with a knife and hit in the head with a bicycle lock. Jesper Krogh Sørensen and the other Nazi were held in custody and later convicted in the case.

On the side of Ukraine

The Danish right wing has been torn on the question of whether to support Ukraine or Russia since the latter’s invasion of the former. Danmarks Nationale Front had close connections to Russian Nazis in the late 2000’s, but DNF have nurtured a relationship to Ukrainian Nazis since the Euromaidan-revolution in 2014.

In April of this year DNF held a protest in support of Ukraine, in Viborg. The protest gathered less than 10 participants. Around the same time the organisation announced that they had donated money to the far-right militia AZOV, which has since been integrated in the Ukrainian military.

First confirmed Nazi in uniform

Jesper Krogh Sørensen is not the first far-right Dane to take part in solidarity with Ukraine since the Russian invasion in March. As Redox has covered earlier, Lars Grønbæk Larsen has been involved in transporting refugees and Information has written that a former member of Danskernes Parti travelled abroad with ambitions of joining the resistance.

It is, however, the first time it has been confirmed that an organised Danish Nazi is in uniform, in Ukraine.

Jesper Krogh Sørensen and Danmarks Nationale Front have not responded to Redox’ inquiries.

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